Textura®’s CPM-Enterprise™ solution for large-sized general contractors and owners

Textura’s CPM-Enterprise™ solution was designed specifically with the larger General Contractor and Owner / Developer in mind to automate invoicing, lien waiver collection, electronic payment, document compliance and reporting.  With cutting-edge automation capabilities, the CPM-Enterprise solution enhances and simplifies communication between all project participants and ensures that key parties have the information necessary to make critical business decisions. The CPM-Enterprise solution offers all the functionality of our CPM-Business™ solution, in addition to many advanced capabilities and personalized support.  The highly developed agility of this solution allows Textura to accommodate the complex workflow often required by larger General Contractors and Owner / Developers when issuing invoices and payment.

Some of the key benefits of the CPM–Enterprise™ solution include:
  • Dramatically reduces financial and legal exposure
  • Significant efficiencies over current manual and paper processes
  • Standardizes and makes transparent project billing and payment processes
  • Dramatically lowers project administration costs

Takeoff & Estimating


Take-off and estimating solution used in preparing construction bids and contractor default claims management
Qualify, Track & Win Bids


Online solution that prioritizes, organizes tracks, and schedules bid invites, all in one centralized location

Pre-Qualification Management™ (PQM™)

Supports the collection and review of data for effective contractor risk assessment and qualification


Supports the process of obtaining and racking critical construction bid and project information
Field Management


A BIM-enabled mobile and cloud solution for documents, commissioning, quality, punch list, and safety management.

Project Communication

Submittal Exchange®

Workflow tool for archiving, collecting, reviewing, and routing crucial project documents amongst all participants
Subcontractor Early Payment

Early Payment Program™ (EPP™)
Lets General Contractors pay Subcontractors faster, helps General Contractors and Subcontractors to become more competitive.

Invoicing & Payment

Construction Payment Management™ (CPM™)
Enables standardized approach to generating, collecting, reviewing, routing, and initiation of invoice payments, including all supporting documents.
Claims Management

Default Claims Management™ (DCM™)
Facilitates the online submission, review and adjustment of Subguard® claims through a sophisticated workflow in real-time.
LEED® Management

Facilitates the workflow, data and document collection necessary to manage the LEED Certification process for construction projects.