Business Process Consulting

Textura® has worked with a wide range of organizations in the construction industry, including general contractors, subcontractors, owners, owner-representatives, banks, title companies and insurance companies – helping them realize maximum process efficiency.  As a result we have become experts in best practice across the construction life cycle, including pre-qualification, bid management, billing, payment, compliance, submittal exchange, LEED management and vendor evaluation. 

Textura’s business process consultants will help you improve the processes that are your priority.  Typically, this involves a workshop that can last from a few hours to a half a day or more.  We begin by understanding the details of your current processes.  Then we discuss the improvement potential by referencing best practice process diagrams, discussing likely benefits from technology and reengineering possibilities.  Textura’s team works closely with field and corporate personnel, including engineers, estimators, project managers, project accountants, and executives to analyze a clients processes. 

After a comprehensive review Textura delivers a clear recommendation that provides the client with actionable items and specific financial benefits while increasing risk mitigation effectiveness.

By leveraging Textura’s technology to streamline and automate the processes under review, we are often able to eliminate or automate more than half of an organization’s existing process steps, resulting in economic savings in excess of three- to- five-times Textura’s cost. 

In addition, risk mitigation practices can be significantly tightened with electronic lien waiver collection for prime and sub-tier subcontractors, automated compliance tracking, pre-qualification, better bid management, automated submittal exchange and LEED tracking.

Call us today at 866-TEXTURA (866-839-8872) to find out how Textura can improve the efficiency and reduce the risk in your construction processes.