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Software as an Experience

The days of buying clunky software discs that become outdated almost as soon as you purchase them are moving further into the rearview. Today, when thinking of software, we don’t just visualize the features included, we picture an experience. Technology promises to do a lot, but can often get in the way of productivity if it doesn’t work for you. What is supposed to make your life more convenient can quickly become a burden. That is where a lot of software companies fall short: they offer you access to a tool but leave you to your own devices.

That’s where GradeBeam® has vowed to make the difference. We’ve made it a priority to add the human element back into software. When we say “software as a service,” we really mean it. When you join our invitation to bid network, you not only get all the excellent features and benefits of GradeBeam, you get a team of people working alongside you, for you, to help you do what you do best. We understand and anticipate your needs, so you can focus your energy on growing business and keeping profit margins high. Check out the infographic below to see how GradeBeam stands apart from the competition!


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