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VIDEO: Textura-CPM Success Stories: PBS Building

PBS Building is an award winning, recognized leader in project management and design and construction of residential, commercial, industrial, retail, office, apartment, aged care and mixed-use developments in the ACT, New South Wales and Queensland regions.


Construction Technology for Higher Education: SUNY New Paltz Case Study

Read how the Facilities Department at SUNY New Paltz achieved their departmental goals and saved tax payer dollars.


VIDEO: Graham Construction Increases their Volume of Prequalifications

Canadian based general contractor Graham Construction shares why they chose Textura-PQM and the benefits they now realize by having moved away from a paper system.


VIDEO: Subcontractor Saves Time on Billings and Gets Paid Faster

Subcontractor Jerry Thompson & Sons Painting, Inc. share why using CPM® allows them to be paid quicker and saves them hours of work on hundreds of billings each month.


VIDEO: Eliminate Manual Processes and Expedite Payment

Since 2012, Torcon, Inc. has used CPM to eliminate manual processes, including calculations and document collection, allowing accountants to focus on core business activities.


VIDEO: Boost Efficiency and Productivity in Construction Payment Management

Layton Construction Co., Inc. has been using CPM since 2007 to increase operational efficiencies, improve subcontractors’ payment experience and grow business without adding accounting staff.


VIDEO: Streamline the Billing Process and Improve Lien Waiver Management

One of our first clients, Pankow, is able to save a six-figure amount and hold down headcount by using CPM. The Pankow team found that the system set up was easy and believes that the Textura team is a role model for customer service in the industry.


VIDEO: Improve Visibility Into Costs and Collection of Legal Documents with CPM

Swinerton Builders for years has used Textura's CPM solution to improve the efficiency of its subcontractor payment management processes. CPM helps Swinerton to improve the collection of legal documents, increase its visibility into costs, and pay subcontractors faster.


Textura-CPM™ Helps Anning-Johnson Streamline Billing Processes

Hear from subcontractor Anning-Johnson why they don't worry anymore about billing issues, payment verification or manual lien waiver exchange.


Textura-CPM™ Helps Rhino Masonry Save Time and Reduce Errors

Specialty contractor, Rhino Masonry, shares how they have moved to an automated construction payment process, reducing the potential for errors and, therefore, payment delays and extra work.


Mashburn and Textura-CPM™

Mashburn Construction faced a critical, yet common, operational problem – they were struggling to manage their invoicing and payment process because it was disjointed and internal controls were inadequate. Read how Mashburn leveraged Textura-CPM, allowing the company to maintain a constant level of accounting staff and improve its margins.


Hy-Vee Incorporated and Submittal Exchange®

Read how Hy-Vee Incorporated, an employee-owned chain of supermarkets, realized exceptional savings with Submittal Exchange®. According to the Integrated Submittal Exchange Savings Calculator, not only has Hy-Vee saved over 79 trees, but they have also saved over $130,000 in shipping costs as well as 15,209 shipping days over the course of 2.5 years on the system!


Eli Lilly Construction Quality Management Program and Latista®

Read how Eli Lilly, a global pharmaceutical company, automated their construction quality management program with Latista® on a $400M manufacturing facility project. With Latista, they were able to catch issues and deficiencies early so that the total number of outstanding issues was kept at a manageable level throughout the phases of the project. Eli Lilly was able to reduce their rework by 46%, an estimated savings of $4.3M, which let them complete the project 2.5 months ahead of schedule!


Collaboration in Practice

Hear from leading general contractors on how the Textura-CPM solution has helped them become more efficient and overcome critical challenges, such as handling sub-tier lien waivers, improving compliance management, scaling their operations to support growth and improving relationships with subcontractors.


GE Johnson and eCMS Connect for the Textura-CPM Solution

Learn how GE Johnson Construction Company has supported its growth by greatly increasing the efficiency of its subcontractor payment processes. By integrating the Textura-CPM solution and the eCMS ERP solution, GE Johnson has been able to automate and streamline mission-critical payment processes, reduce errors and increase visibility across projects.


eCMS Connect for Textura-CPM Applications

Learn how Knutson Construction was able to process subcontractor payments faster (while lowering overall labor burden), eliminated lost and misplaced pay applications, and reduced payment cycles by more than three days — resulting in more than $400,000 in savings!

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