Announcement: Oracle completed the acquisition of Textura June 10, 2016. As of March 26, 2018 this web site will be decommissioned.
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Managing the Qualification Process to Win Better Work

General contractors and owners are well aware of the risks presented by weak subcontractors and are demanding more thorough qualification information. This creates additional burden on both strong and weak subcontractors already feeling the stress of high levels of competition and still historically low margins.


Learning from Experiences of the Past - Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity

Contractors will learn the lessons to help survive and succeed within the next few years as the economy stabilizes and improves.


Leveraging the Power of a Scalable Platform - Making IT Costs Variable

While downsizing has abated in most parts of the industry, there is little incentive to invest in new hiring even when backlogs and new business pipelines start to improve. Although few companies would take on new work without sufficient project management staff, labor supervision or client-facing personnel, there is a reluctance to hire additional back office staff that may not be needed later.


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