Announcement: Oracle completed the acquisition of Textura June 10, 2016. As of March 26, 2018 this web site will be decommissioned.
To learn more about the acquisition and for continued access to Textura products please visit

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Want to learn more about how PerformanceTracker™ can enhance your evaluation process?

Improve decision-making by measuring vendor performance

Quickly identify and analyze contractors' and suppliers' strengths and weaknesses.


Tailored to you

Experience flexibility by accessing real-time data from anywhere and leveraging customizable options


Actionable reporting

Easily compare performance data over time, helping you make faster and better decisions


Efficiency improvements

Automation saves time, allowing you to do more and focus on what matters


Contract integration

Seamless data flow between CPM® allows you to maximize your investment and reduce duplicate data entry

Tools to make your evaluations easier and more effective

Data is easy to view in one centralized dashboard.



Automatic evaluations and notifications save time, ensure completion and allow you to identify evaluations that are at risk


Questions library

Access preloaded questions or customize your own questions to address specific criteria

Customizable Templates

Customizable templates

Easy setup with drag-and-drop templates simplifies the process and allows you to work more quickly


Reports & analytics

Easily see completed evaluations, alerts and the average evaluation age

Want more information about how PerformanceTracker™ can enhance your evaluation process?

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