Announcement: Oracle completed the acquisition of Textura June 10, 2016. As of March 26, 2018 this web site will be decommissioned.
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Want more information about how Latista increases productivity and cuts costs?

Take control of field management – wherever you are

Punch lists. Inspections. Commissioning. Latista does it all, giving you quality control and field management in a single mobile app.

Work smart

Cut down on costly rework, delays and paperwork by giving everyone easy access to project info, on or off the worksite

Work together

Give your team a single view of what's going on with project data and documents, so they can collaborate in real time

Work informed

Tap into a library of standard reports that keeps everyone on track, and flag problems before projects are affected

Everything you need, in the cloud

Connect your field team to the mobile tools they need to work faster and better.


Automate quality control with custom workflows, electronic forms, checklists and status updates for issues and inspections


Put safety programs in place with ease — schedule and track inspections, and automatically notify people when issues need to be addressed

BIM in the field

Use 3D building model software to visualize the architectural and engineering designs that direct how construction should proceed

Punch lists

Manage thousands of issues directly on project drawings — attach marked-up drawings, photos, sketches or any reference material to automatically dispatch reports


Bring paper forms, workflows and commissioning requirements into the cloud, so you can use them in the field

Reports & analytics

Business intelligence helps you gain insight and boost performance by staying on top of key indicators and trends, so you find problems before they start

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Latista client success stories

“Latista took away subs coming to us and saying that they didn't know about a deficiency.”


Jeff Finley, Assistant Superintendent

“[Data collected from inspections in Latista] provided a deeper assessment of performance and allowed us to drive improvement."

Eli Lilly & Co.

Bruce Beck, Director of Global Facilities Deliveries, Commissioning and Qualification Group

Want more information about how Latista® increases productivity and cuts costs?

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