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Want more information about how GradeBeam® can enhance your bid processes?

Improve your invitation to bid process and build better partnerships

Simplified bid management for general contractors and subcontractors in one central location

Construction Invitation to Bid

General Contractors

  • Find and rate subcontractors in the right markets with the right skills
  • Manage bid communications more efficiently through a collaborative approach
  • Save time, money and overhead

Invitation to Bid Software


  • Put yourself in the spotlight to increase opportunities
  • Manage company profile and bid activity online
  • Get priority listings, private opportunities and targeted ITB

Better bidding, better business

Simplify and expedite the massive information exchange during preconstruction, including invitations to bid.

Connect anytime

The solution is securely hosted in the cloud for 24/7 access from anywhere

Communicate better

Keep your project team connected by housing all documents in a central location

Contractor directory

General contractors and subcontractors connect via an online directory

Simplify document storage

Save time tracking and organizing bid docs and addendum notifications

Gain efficiencies

One place for all contacts, messages and data entry


Get reports on messages, responses, bids, notes and awards

Track bid responses

See a full view of the project team and their bid responses to monitor your bid coverage in real time

Monitor delivery

Keep everyone on the same page by making sure that public and private messages are received by the project team

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GradeBeam client success stories

“Bennett & Brosseau's VIP membership with GradeBeam has dramatically increased traffic to our website and helped us cultivate new contractor relationships. In the short time that Bennett & Brosseau has been a VIP member, our return on investment has been at least tenfold in terms of new opportunities and revenue.”

Bennett & Brosseau Roofing, Inc.

George Patterson

“I have been an active GradeBeam user for almost 10 years, and I have seen it evolve into the excellent program it is today. Gradebeam is user friendly for both general contractors and subcontractors. Whenever an issue arises, the customer service department is always there to help!"

Ledcor Construction

Kris Jordan

Want more information about how Gradebeam® can improve your bid management processes?

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