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CPM® does the hard work, while helping you track documents and stay compliant.

Custom Documents

CPM stores a wide selection of legal documents that suit the needs of general contractors and owners. If none of the pre-loaded invoices, sworn statements, or lien waivers suit a project’s needs, we can create custom documents.

Automated Compliance Document Tracking

General contractors can use CPM to track document compliance for all subcontractors on a project. CPM facilitates the communication of compliance status throughout an organization. Compliance tracking includes:

  • Communicating compliance requirements to all parties
  • Informing all relevant parties about missing documents, expired documents, held payments, and release of held payments
  • Collecting and monitoring compliance documents
  • Automatically holding payments for non-compliance

General contractors have the option to set up automatic payment holds for missing and/or expired compliance documents. General contractors can also schedule multiple automated reminders to notify project participants when they need to resubmit compliance documents prior to expiration.

Sub-Tier Tracking

In order to mitigate risk, some general contractors track lien waivers from sub-tier subcontractors and material suppliers. General contractors can allow material suppliers and/or sub-tiers to electronically sign lien waivers through CPM without requiring the submission of invoices or compliance documents. This is done at no cost to the supplier.

Change Order Compliance

General contractors can require change order compliance. This feature allows general contractors to automatically hold payments if a subcontractor bills for a line item that includes a non-compliant change order. Payments are held until the change orders are compliant.

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