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Improve productivity, visibility and
control across payment processes

Online collaboration improves payment outcomes for general contractors, subcontractors and owners/developers.

Efficient processes

Automated online workflows and communications replace manual, paper-based tasks

Transparent activities

Real-time access to payment and compliance status and information boosts visibility

Reduced risks

Online lien waiver exchange, enforced document integrity and compliance-related payment holds mitigate risk

Invoicing and payment


Online submission of electronically signed invoices, payment applications

Automated invoice creation and calculations — minimize effort, errors

Invoice review, resolution and approval workflows and notifications

Real-time view of payment activity status

Direct electronic payment to subcontractors via ACH

Compliance management


Collection of subcontractor compliance materials

Tracking, communication of subcontractor status

Payment holds linked to non-compliance

Enhanced sub-tier visibility, control

Audit trail for all activities, materials

Lien waiver exchange


Enforces use of standardized lien waiver form

Prevents modifications, errors

Facilitates electronic signatures on documents

Delivers lien waiver when payment is made

Prevents payments when waiver is missing, incomplete

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