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Automated Payment Processes Can Work for You

Despite living in a digital age, the construction industry, has been slow to adopt automation over paper processes. Textura® understands that documents drive the construction industry, but we also understand that printing and getting them from the office to work sites is costing you time and money.

Converting important forms into electronic files for easy online sharing helps you:

  • Complete More Construction Projects – Discover faster payment by eliminating the need to re-issue checks when errors are caught, so you can quickly move on to the next project.
  • Improve Communication – Receive instant feedback with notifications when payment and documents are ready.
  • Focus on More Important Tasks – Reduce administration and manual work by eliminating the physical exchange and inaccuracies of documents, such as lien waivers, invoices, compliance documents and paper checks.

Additional Benefits:

  • Save on mailing costs
  • Reduce transportation costs and CO2 emissions


View all CPM® features that will help you benefit from an automated construction payment process.

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