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Want more information about how PQM software can improve your subcontractor prequalification process?

Make subcontractor qualification work

Have questions about subcontractor qualification? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions for subcontractor qualification.

Streamline your qualification activities to effectively manage risk and find the best-quality bids.
Our cloud solution puts all users, tasks and materials in one central online location.

construction pre qualification software

Lower risk

Understand whom you’re working with — their strength and capabilities — to prevent problems

Streamline data collection

No more paper forms or tracking down info — all data is centrally submitted and stored

Drive down costs

Manage the prequalification process with less effort and fewer resources

Get more done

Easily review, assess and compare submissions to efficiently make decisions

Improve the prequalification process

Customize prequalification forms and your review workflows to meet your needs.
PQM reduces administrative burdens for general contractors and subcontractors alike.

Automated processes

Eliminate manual tasks and paper forms

Real-time visibility

Everyone can access up-to-date info from a single online database

Custom workflows

Set up submission, review and approval steps to meet your needs

Reduced data entry

One-time entry for subcontractors stops resubmission

Analysis you need

Customizable evaluations of subcontractor skills and finances

Full support

Client Services team provides full backing to general contractors and subcontractors, including software training and onboarding

Safe and secure

All submitted info remains confidential and can only be accessed by appropriate users

update prequalification forms

Update as needed

Easily change prequalification forms to match project requirements

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PQM client success stories

“We needed a better way to manage the prequalification process and Textura® provides that. PQM delivers up-to-date contractor data in a format that can be easily evaluated, tracked and accessed.”

Medline Industries, Inc.

Katie Murphy, Manager — Real Estate Operations

“PQM has provided much greater visibility into the qualification status of subcontractors, and we can collect, manage and communicate both current and historical information much more easily. Textura-PQM has streamlined our process overall and helped mitigate risk for Robins & Morton and our clients.”

Robins & Morton

Edward Cassady, Chief Financial Officer

Want more information about how PQM can improve your subcontractor prequalification process?

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