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Who can use the PQM™ solution?

PQM is designed for owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors and construction managers for projects of any size.

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Why am I being asked to prequalify?

Prequalification helps general contractors reduce risks and overall costs. General contractors implement the PQM solution to streamline and automate their current prequalification processes. Subcontractors are typically required to submit information via the PQM solution prior to the general contractor awarding the contract.

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How does the PQM solution benefit my company?

The traditional process of emailing financial statements, bonds, insurance certificates, sworn statements, and compliance documents is tedious and risky. File sizes are limited and emails can get lost. Sending documents by mail prolongs the process and introduces even greater risks. That’s where PQM comes in. The solution offers significant benefits including risk mitigation, increased efficiency and visibility, standardization, and improved process controls. Unlike most other systems, PQM allows users to store and maintain a central bank of prequalification information via a secure online system.

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Do I need special equipment to use the PQM solution?

No. The PQM solution does not require special software or equipment, since it is a secure, web-based solution. Information is available 24/7 from any computer with Internet access, whether you are in the office, working from home or out in the field.

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Can the PQM solution integrate with other project management software?

Yes. The PQM solution interfaces with a variety of job cost, accounting, imaging and project management (ERP) systems. Textura® is developing new solutions and enhancing existing solutions to connect our solutions with clients’ existing software.

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General contractors have their own prequalification forms. How can I use what I entered in PQM for general contractors not using the system?

The PQM solution can upload any general contractor’s prequalification forms (preferably in Adobe® PDF or Microsoft® Word format). We currently have a library of more than 300 general contractor-specific forms available for subcontractors to use in the public forms section. Even though subcontractors won’t be submitting forms electronically, the solution automatically generates the forms in a printable PDF format that can be saved, emailed or printed for submission to your specific general contractor offline.

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Who is reviewing and evaluating my information?

The review and prequalification approval process is conducted at the general contractor level. Textura does not view or sell your information to third-parties. All data is kept safe and secure and is directly routed to the appropriate party at the general contractor’s organization.

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What is the cost to use the PQM solution?

PQM solution pricing varies by subscription and service level. We have a variety of affordable options available that will work within your budget. Total costs average out to be far less than the conventional method of prequalification. To learn more, have a Client Services team member contact you.

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How do I learn more?

To learn more about the PQM solution and how it can help your organization, call 866-TEXTURA (839-8872), or schedule a demo.

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