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Want more information on how Submittal Exchange® improves construction document management?

All of your documents (and their users) in one place

Getting a construction project off the ground requires lots of back and forth between architects, general contractors and owners.
Submittal Exchange creates a central place where everyone has access to construction project documents — including a full view of version histories, schedules and reminders.


Supports a variety of drawings, specs, models, RFIs, schedules and more


Upload, retrieve, track changes and archive construction project documents with ease

Safe and sound

Secure online access for all project participants – no IT department required

Communication is key

Project teams include a lot of people and documents, which can lead to confusion and miscommunication.
Make it easy for everyone to work together toward a common goal.

Progress tracking

Drive projects with a clear view of activities and deadlines

Configurable workflows

Customize processes to best meet your teams' and partners' needs

Clear accountability

Keep everyone on track to get projects done on time with schedules and reminders

Custom reports

Configure reports to display the most useful project data

Visual aids

Append materials with photos and other visuals

Proactive help

Automatically notify everyone when documents are changed, files are synced and projects are archived

Online workspace

Plan and capture project details with a shared whiteboard

Version history

Access project document version history and all user activities

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Submittal Exchange client success stories

“With Submittal Exchange it's simple. The contractor uploads their electronic copy; we review it on screen and make our markups, and click the send button to the architect.”

Graham Construction Company

Stephanie Wright

“We really see [Submittal Exchange] as a competitive advantage from our bottom line. But also our clients then see the value that we bring to the table."


Brad Erwin

Want more information about how Submittal Exchange® improves project document management?

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