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Textura-CPM Helps Pankow Streamline Subcontractor Payment Processes

One of the early adopters of Textura-CPM, Pasadena, Calif.-based general contractor Pankow estimates the construction payment management solution has saved the comapny six-figures annually by streamlining and automating the subcontractor billing process.

Prior to implementing CPM, Pankow’s project teams spent a significant amount of time manually collecting and processing all of the paperwork associated with construction payments – from compliance documents to lien waivers. The construction firm’s controller, Vicki Martinet, says one of her favorite features of CPM is the automated notifications, which alert subcontractors to important activities, including draw open and closing dates, payments and compliance status in real time – and cut down on the time project teams spend tracking down documents. “It was a lot of wasted time chasing paper,” Martinet says. Now, thanks to CPM’s seamless online workflow, Pankow enjoys greater efficiency, reduced risk, and better visibility into financials and payment activities.

Pankow found the Textura® cloud-based solution easy to implement, in part due to the support of the Textura client services team every step of the way. According to Martinet, Textura should be the model for excellent customer service in the construction industry.

Learn how Textura-CPM helps this tech-forward general contractor save time and money all while holding down headcount.

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