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PBS Building Improves Construction Payment Management, Drives Efficiency with Textura-CPM


For award-winning builder PBS Building, implementing Textura-Construction Payment Management™ (CPM®) transformed the company’s invoicing and payment processes from “cumbersome” to “quite easy,” said Project Manager Scott Gleeson. PBS Building is a leader in project management, design and construction of residential, commercial, industrial, retail, office, apartment, aged care and mixed-use developments in the ACT, New South Wales and Queensland regions.  



Textura-CPM™ replaced a paper-intensive system for tracking all of the documents associated with construction projects, including compliance documents and subcontractor statements. Among other benefits, the change has cut processing time from up to one day to just 30 minutes for 10 subcontractor pay applications, Gleeson said.

A web-based, SaaS solution, CPM integrates all construction payment management processes into a seamless online workflow, resulting in greater efficiency, reduced risk, enhanced communication, and better visibility into financials and payment activities. In addition to streamlining and automating invoicing and enabling electronic payments, CPM improves the collection and tracking of compliance materials. General contractors, subcontractors and client/developers all benefit from the efficiency and transparency that CPM brings.

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