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Subcontractor Success Stories: Textura-CPM helps Anning-Johnson Streamline Billing Processes

Just a few pay applications into using Textura’s Construction Payment Management™ solution, Jennifer Tokaji, accounts receivable manager at national specialty contractor Anning-Johnson, knew that her work day had changed for the better.

“CPM makes billing so much easier,” she said. “It just streamlines everything.” Learning a new tool and incorporating it into an existing workflow caused some initial hesitation, but those concerns quickly faded as the benefits became clear. Textura-CPM™ saves time and helps her company be more efficient, Tokaji said. Anning-Johnson, which has been in business for 75 years, specializes in metal decking, insulating concrete and wall systems.

CPM simplifies the construction payment process by moving payment management online and integrating all of the process components into a seamless workflow that increases efficiency, reduces risk and enhances visibility for all users. For subcontractors, that means spending much less time on billing activities – and gaining confidence that things are moving forward with their invoices. For example, CPM sends notifications when a billing period opens, if a payment is on hold for any reason, and when the payment is disbursed. Textura-CPM even handles the lien waiver exchange. “There is never a worry about miscommunication, no back and forth with general contractors about payments or waivers – it’s all done,” said Tokaji, who has been using Textura-CPM at Anning-Jonson for several years.

She counts CPM’s automated notifications among her favorite features. When revisions are necessary, the system makes sure they don’t slip through the cracks. Even if the email gets past her, the notification is always in the system for her to view. Without CPM, revisions can be sent to the wrong person or department, delaying arrival to the right person, Tokaji notes. That often results in doing two bills at once - and doubling the company’s work. CPM’s approval workflow prevents that from happening.

For the accounts receivable manager of a large, national company with offices in eight states, not having to worry about billing issues, payment verification or manual lien wavier exchanges makes a difference.  What does she do with all of the time using Textura’s CPM solution saves her each billing cycle? “Deal with revisions from other jobs,” she says.

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